Whenever you purchase a brand new website hosting account, your payment is processed, your account is made and as automated as the entire process may be, there are always smaller things that are conducted personally. For your virtual or a dedicated server there are even more jobs to be done since these types of hosting normally need a manual assembly, software installation and configuration, testing the server setting so as to make sure that everything's working the way it should, etc. To pay for the cost for the time and efforts these tasks take, a lot of companies require a one-time installation fee to be paid by their clients on top of the price for the cloud web hosting. The fee typically is valid for every new hosting account being ordered and it's very rarely given on the company’s web site, however it shows up on your checkout page.

Setup Fee in Cloud Web Hosting

When you get a cloud web hosting plan through us, you won't ever be required to pay any kind of installation costs. In fact, we do not have other obscured charges of any sort too. We respect every single customer and it is our principle that when you order any kind of package from us, you should not pay something more than the cost for the web hosting package. You will not find any sort of concealed fees after or before your order, which shows you that we are a dependable and trustworthy supplier. The price of every shared web hosting plan will be the same everywhere on our web site - the main page, the order as well as the payment pages. Since we also provide instant account activation, you will not need to wait for hours or even days so that you can start creating your site.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you buy a semi-dedicated server package through us, you'll pay only the monthly fee that you can already see on the web site. Your account will be set up on our servers and we will activate it in a couple of minutes without additional cost. This shall be valid for each and every monthly payment and irrespective of the total number of accounts that you get. It's our principle that it is unreasonable to charge you additional money for a task that we've virtually fully automated, therefore you won't ever find any sort of setup fees or other hidden fees. As a result, all of the costs that are listed on our front page, on your payment page and on your bank statement will be exactly the same.

Setup Fee in VPS Servers

If you choose to obtain a new Virtual Private Server from our company, the total price that you'll have to pay on signup is identical both on our main page as well as on your bank statement. We do not charge any kind of installation fees or some other hidden charges on top of the VPS regular monthly price. Although the setup takes time, it is practically totally automatic, so we feel there's no reason to demand anything extra for a few more clicks on our end. In case you have a shared website hosting account through us and you purchase a virtual server with the Hepsia Control Panel, we will transfer all of your content and even in this situation, we'll never require that you pay a dime on top of the standard monthly price for your VPS server plan.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

With a dedicated server obtained through our company, you will never have any concealed fees and you'll never have to pay any setup costs. The price of the plan you have selected is shown on our site and it's the one price that you will see on both the order and the payment pages. We consider that getting a new customer and establishing a long-lasting relationship is more important than asking you for a few more dollars, so we will set up your machine, set up all the needed software and test it totally free of charge. We will even transfer all of your information completely free in case you already own a shared web hosting package from our company and you want to migrate to a dedicated server which is acquired with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel.