In contrast to a shared Internet hosting account where the data is backed up by the hosting company, if you employ a virtual or a dedicated server you'll need to keep manual backups because this sort of a service is not supplied by default. As fantastic as a server may be, there is always a possibility that something could go wrong. As an example, you may delete some content by accident or a script-driven app could get damaged after an update. In case you have a backup, you will not have to worry about this type of issues since the content can be easily restored. Considering that it may not be very convenient to do this constantly on your end, we offer an optional backup service for every one of our hosting server packages and we'll store a copy of your content on a separate server to make certain that it's undamaged no matter what. With the upgrade, you'll be able to work on your web server without worrying that you could lose any data due to any reason.

Weekly Backup in VPS Servers

The backup upgrade can be acquired for all Linux VPS servers we offer no matter the disk space they provide or how much of it you actually use. You can add it at any time, so if you would like our system to generate a copy of the data you have on the hosting server from the very beginning, you could choose the upgrade on the order page, while in case you decide that you wish to use it once your web sites are already set up, you can order it with a number of clicks from your billing CP. Since we will keep a copy of everything you create or upload on the server on a weekly basis, we shall be able to restore any content quickly. The backups are a part of our Managed Services pack, so you'll be able to choose if you want just this upgrade or to have your content backed up as a part of a number of other maintenance services.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers

If you employ one of our Linux dedicated servers, you could reap the benefits of the optional backup service with just two mouse clicks. You could include it during the initial signup and have backups generated as soon as your machine is up and running or you'll be able to add it later on through your CP in case you decide that you will need it for the future. With this service, 50 GB of disk space on an individual web server will be reserved for you all of the time, so if anything breaks down with a website or some other web app, we can immediately restore the information. You could get weekly backups not just as an independent service, but also as part of our Managed Services pack, which includes various other tasks our admins can perform for you such as installing third-party applications and updating the Operating System of your dedicated web server. This will permit you to work on your web applications without worrying that something can go not as planned.